Jezza Time

I’ve spent a lot of time watching Jeremy Kyle, not just while I was a student (#shame). Whether I have been employed or ‘in-between jobs’ I’ve always managed to make time for Jezza. There is something both relaxing and exciting about it. The same episode can have you laughing and gasping, judging and empathising. Like a drug which decreases your IQ, so is The Jeremy Kyle Show.

I’ve seen some real beauties on the show…some with teeth, most without. One thing is certain, you don’t have to be good-looking to be on TV anymore. The lack of suitable makeup and clothing is the real shocker of the show. I can only assume they have decided that clothing (makeup and hair) isn’t more important than finding out who your baby’s father is or if your lover has slept with your best friend behind your back.

What is so addictive about the show which airs the issues the dregs of society (the unemployed, drug addicts whom have faces for radio) have? I find myself wrapped up in DNA and lie detector results, hoping for the juiciest outcome. Wondering how one persons life can lead to appearing on the show. At what point does your boyfriend or girlfriend turn to you and say ‘the only way to sort this out is on Jeremy Kyle’ or ‘I want you to do a lie detector on Jeremy Kyle’.

I leave you with a special Jezza clip, 10points to whoever can decode what they are saying. 



4 thoughts on “Jezza Time

  1. Pete Howorth says:

    Rather than these people being brought on the show to spent 10 minutes being shouted at by an insignificant man like Jezza and then ultimately not have their problems sorted, they should be publicly executed!

    And I agree when do you say “it’s time for Jeremy Kyle?” Why would you even agree to go on that show?! It makes me think that like Jerry Springer, is a set-up from the start.

    • I really do hope, like Jerry Springer, it is all set up….it gives me hope!

      • Pete Howorth says:

        I watched an episode of Maury Povich a couple of years ago when I was in Wales with a bunch of mates, there was about 15 of us all sat round first thing in the morning with that one, about teenage prostitutes, just fat disgusting girls with far too much make-up on “I DO WA I WAN’!”

        Every time a new girl came out with an ailing mother they all jumped up and started doing this clicking finger and head moving rubbish for the crowd, Maury’s just sat there all nice and calm, if that was Jezza he’d be going off his head. If you’ve never seen it, watch it, it’s on one of those channels like Living.

      • Maury, Ricki Lake, Jezza….all 3 are just awful. I havent watched Maury in ages, but will try and catch it on Living soon.

        Ricki Lake has the most GHETTO audience I’ve ever seen. Why they thought they needed to gasp and tut thoughtout the show, I’ll never know. It wasn’t like they didnt know what was going to happen. If you’re in the audience of one of these shows they arent going to bring out a brain surgeon!

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