The Diet Starts Today!

I have fallen off the healthy eating wagon one too many times! This time, as WordPress as my witness, I will stick to eating healthy and doing daily exercises!

I was so thin at university. Back when a few packets of crisps, squash and afew sweets could do you for the day. Now im chomping on PizzaHut while keeping an eye on the chips and fatty burgers in the oven! Long gone are the days when size 10s were loose and my abs could be seen due to lack of belly fat.

If I actually stick to a healthy eating plan, by Christmas I’ll be able to gorge like no mans business! Here’s to stuffing my face during christmas!


Top 10 Ways To Ensure Hair & Soul Loss

  1. Attending the Jobcentre…for any reason what so ever!  The mixture of staff who think they know what they are talking about, local chavs, druggies and alchos and THE STUFFINESS of the place will take your soul in minutes. Only when you catch someones eye who looks to be in the same situation as you (actually looking for a job and not just wanting the money) do you realise that there may be life after this place and the hopes of getting out  with pieces of your soul intact are slightly increased. RULE – The jobcentre is not a place to meet new friends and catch up with people you only see every two weeks.
  2. Being stuck next to ‘a crazy’ on public transport. We’ve all been there, when were just chilling, waiting for your stop, maybe reading a book…when BAM, a crazy gets on. They are ‘all up in your business’ not taking the hints you have been giving out that you’re not interested. I’ve found that other members of the public, who aren’t on The Crazy’s radar will give each other a look. It’s a ‘oh no, not another crazy’ mixed with a ‘thank God they aren’t talking to me/trying to get my attention’. This horror mixed with satisfaction can be found on tubes, busses, trains and trams. Look out for one near you today. RULE – Never make any sort of eye contract with The Crazy or the person The Crazy has on radar.
  3. Having to slow your powerwalk/slow jog down to snail pace due to a slow walking woman in heels, who seems to have all the time in the world to get to her set destination, even though its 8.55 on a monday morning. I have nothing against women in heels as long as they can keep up with the pace of the person infront of them. If you can’t keep up, wear flats and change just before walking in! RULE – If there is a growing gap between you and the person infront…your moving to slow!
  4. Supermarkets on the weekend. Just no need to be that packed – simple as. We have online shopping, 24hour stores, mobile shopping and thousands of stores of the big 4 alone, so there is no need for it to be that packed. Yet during the weekend, people feel the need to bring out the whole family (nan and all), for a day trip around Asda. People feel the need to hover over the bread aisle…pondering which brand to get, wholemeal or white, thick or medium. Then said people, with 30 items in their basket, decide to go through the self check out, with vodka bottles and DVDs so the store assistant has to put in a zillion codes for them before they can proceed in scanning the next bottle of vodka. PERSONAL RULE – I can live without sweets in my house for 2 days. PUBLIC RULE – Online shop.
  5. Christmas shopping. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the festive season,people are just much nicer during it. However, shopping for Christmas is a whole different kettle of fish. If tripping up an old lady means getting the last Number 7 Protect and Perfect bundle, then so be it. I’ve eyed people up holding the last product in stock, weighing up if they want to buy it and pouncing like a wild animal once they place it back on the shelf. Christmas shopping makes people go crazy and the longer you leave doing the big christmas shop the crazier you’ll end up being during it. RULE – If your diving for a pair of santa socks in Primark, you’ve left present buying too late.
  6. Sunday Evening. The weekend finally arrives after a long arse Monday through Friday. However, Saturday is just spent catching up on the sleep you missed over the week , then before you know it, BAM, its Sunday. You realise that you’ve wasted your weekend and already you’re trying to get into the mind-set for work the following day. Sunday become a pre-work day, you’re doing your washing, making your bed and getting clothes ready for the week. It makes the work week seem extra long. RULE – Enjoy Sunday, don’t think about Monday.
  7. Deciding what to wear.  The age-long issues, do you go stylish or do you make yourself comfortable? Heels or flats? blazer or knit jumper? The struggle in the morning when you try to find clothes which match is only made worse when you realise that your shoes may not go with the outfit or the weather just isn’t right for it. I’m just waiting for the day with the potato sack is in fashion, so finding what to wear wont be a big issue anymore. RULE – Find something and stick with it.
  8. Hair Products. I have spent a mini fortune on hair care products, which all claim to give me longer, thicker, healthier hair. Yet here I am with weak brittle hair, waiting for the miracle product to make it all better again. I can see why people have taken to making their own shampoo and conditioners, at least then you know, if it’s not making any sort of difference you can switch it up, without paying a hefty fee. If products had the truth about its contents on the bottle, I would have alot more money in the bank. RULE – Read reviews before buying.
  9. Getting a new job has to be one of the most stressful events ever. Gone are the days when employers would beg for you to join their company, oh how the tables have turned! With this current economic state, companies can, and do, ask for the best of the best. They should rename CVs and covering letters as Begging Documents. Just getting those seen by the right person is a victory in itself. Not coming across as desperate in the interview is the second victory. Not weeping like a small child if they offer you the position, is the final victory. RULE – Never stop applying, if you could apply in your sleep – do.
  10. Playing Monopoly has to be THE best way to ensure hair and soul loss. Coming from a monopoly lover, I have to put my hand up as say, the game is just never-ending! I know I am halfway through the game when someone is accused of stealing from the bank, which surprisingly happens every game. It seems to bring out the ‘dell boy’ side of people mixed with a hint of stubborn and Mr Burns evil. Which sounds funny, but when the game goes on for 4 hours, it takes its toll on people. RULE – Keep an eye on whoever is the bank.