When I Was A Little Girl

I saw this picture today and it got me thinking about what I wanted to do when I was little.

When I was a little girl, I had dreams. I had goals. I had planned out my whole life. Everything was going to be easy, I was going to be rich and my wedding was going to be the most talked about event ever.

While at primary school, I believed that I was going to be married by 23, have my first kid at 25 and be able to retire at the grand old age of 50…rich. All I knew was that I would be settled in a nice big house and be an actress come model come singer (none of this 9-5 office malarkey).

So here I am now, 22, with a Sports and Marketing degree under my belt, childless and single. I’m not a famous actress as I can’t remember  reams and reams of script, I’m not a model as im only 5’5 and im not a singer because my voice could make dogs howl. The 10year old me would consider my life now, a failure. The more (and i use this word loosely) mature version, is glad she doesn’t have to worry about mortgages, wedding funds, living in a good school area and the rest that goes with it. Although a large piece of me would love to retire at 50.

Many of my friends have kids and the odd few are engaged or married, although I am happy for all of them, I know that I can go out, get rat arsed and not be guilty the next day that I’ve spent the food/gas/car money. I don’t think settling down young is right for everybody, heck, I know it’s not right for me. Everyday when I spot a young mum shout at their daughter ‘Beyonce’ for calling their little brother a ‘c**t’, I’m grateful I wasn’t a teen mum, living in a highrise with 3 different baby daddies (That’s a post for another time).

2 thoughts on “When I Was A Little Girl

  1. Pete Howorth says:

    Hah you still have a year to get married, get one of those mail order grooms or something! You don’t have it all bad, I thought I’d be dead by 25, everytime I did one of those death tests it came up at various points of my 25th year, the doctor used to say “if you don’t stop smoking you’ll be dead by the you are 25”

    So I had it in my head I didn’t need to worry about the future, but now I’m 26. Now what do I do? =/

    I don’t think I could be a parent. I’d be proper harsh, any child back talks me, they’re getting a back hand, it worked in the olden days, then we get “Stop hitting children with canes” and now we have children shooting each other. Most of the people I went to school with all have children now, sucks to be them I’d say.

    • oooh I remember those tests. Did anyone ever have a life expectancy pass 25?! Thoses tests are responsible for a generation of emos.

      I’m totally for being back the cane! It’ll lead to more kids who can read and write and less drinking on park benches.

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