My Issue With Facebook

I was going to write a post about why Facebook annoys me, then I found these pictures, which sums everything up for me. Enjoy.

Facebook would be so much better if people weren’t such douche bags with their status updates.


3 thoughts on “My Issue With Facebook

  1. Pete Howorth says:

    I will share with you my last five status’…

    ‘Ard Pete Howorth
    Finally downloaded a half decent version of Warrior!

    ‘Ard Pete Howorth
    Definitely got a sore throat, someone needs to sing me Soft Kitty stat

    ‘Ard Pete Howorth
    Why don’t midgets like being called midgets?

    ‘Ard Pete Howorth
    Johnny Depp: Why did Ricky Gervais do a series of audio books?

    So that the blind could hate him as well.

    ‘Ard Pete Howorth

    I don’t know what categories they belong to =/

  2. konica says:

    hi im konica.. you are a wonderful writer… your posts are very interesting!

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