What Is Wrong With TV – Reality Shows!

There has been a recent boom in crappy reality TV shows recently, ‘Made in Chelsea’, ‘The Only Way is Essex’, ‘Desperate Scousewives’…i’m sure there are more that I have just decided to block out. I don’t have an issue with cameras following  interesting people who are actually doing things that the public should know about but the mind numbing stuff on C4, E4 and ITV2 now are just crazy.

It’s one thing to have cameras follow round celebs, (although why on earth would anyone want to watch Kerry Katona and her car crash life?  Or Katie’s life with or without Peter?) at least these people are already in the public eye. Kerry was in Atomic Kitten (apparently she hasn’t always been a slurring mess) and Katie…er….was a glamour ‘model’.  What I can’t stand are the average Joes, who think they are interesting enough to be on my TV!

Everyone thinks they deserve to be on TV.  Maybe I wouldn’t mind as much, if the producers/directors or whoever sent these people out to get a few acting lessons under their belt. If they are going to appear on a scripted reality show (this phrase doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, as a show is either reality or scripted like a tv soap) then the acting show hide the fact its scripted. I hold my hands up and say I watch alot of crap, Underage and Pregnant, Food Network Challenge and I Used To Be Fat, so I’m assuming these reality shows are targeted towards me but as these ‘stars’ (I use that term loosely) are getting their own spin-off shows, doubling the amount of crap being aired, i’m not to happy.

It seems anyone who ticks any of the following are allowed a show:

  • Semi attractive
  • Has money to splash around
  • Is a glamour ‘model’
  • Owns a nightclub/salon/cloths shop
  • Loud
  • Most importantly of all is a drama queen ‘will tell it like it is’

The amount of shows are only set to increase folks.


Jezza Time

I’ve spent a lot of time watching Jeremy Kyle, not just while I was a student (#shame). Whether I have been employed or ‘in-between jobs’ I’ve always managed to make time for Jezza. There is something both relaxing and exciting about it. The same episode can have you laughing and gasping, judging and empathising. Like a drug which decreases your IQ, so is The Jeremy Kyle Show.

I’ve seen some real beauties on the show…some with teeth, most without. One thing is certain, you don’t have to be good-looking to be on TV anymore. The lack of suitable makeup and clothing is the real shocker of the show. I can only assume they have decided that clothing (makeup and hair) isn’t more important than finding out who your baby’s father is or if your lover has slept with your best friend behind your back.

What is so addictive about the show which airs the issues the dregs of society (the unemployed, drug addicts whom have faces for radio) have? I find myself wrapped up in DNA and lie detector results, hoping for the juiciest outcome. Wondering how one persons life can lead to appearing on the show. At what point does your boyfriend or girlfriend turn to you and say ‘the only way to sort this out is on Jeremy Kyle’ or ‘I want you to do a lie detector on Jeremy Kyle’.

I leave you with a special Jezza clip, 10points to whoever can decode what they are saying.