The Guardian V The Sun

I recently saw the Guardian Ad by agency BBH. It centered around the 3 little pigs fairy tale and  I can honestly say I love it! It takes a fairy tale we all know and looks at real life issues. Have a look at it here, if you haven’t already seen it.

Then I had a little look at all the spoof ones flying about (a great sign of a good video) and saw one for The Sun….


My First Post

I thought, for my first ever post I would share a YouTube video. I’ve watched this video about 5 times today and still find it hilarious!

When the slightly overweight owner of Benton (or Fenton) realises that he is in no way going to stop his dog from chasing the deer (this point occurs around the ‘Jesus Christ’ mutter)I cant help but to burst out laughing. One thing is for sure though…Benton wont be going to Richmond Park for walkies anytime soon!