My (Belated) New Years Resolutions

It has been a little while since I last made a blog post…my bad! Thought I would share my New Years Resolutions.

  1. Be able to wear the same size clothes I did at the end university – This means PUTTING THE FORK DOWN and actually hitting the gym.
  2. Actually sticking to all these calorie counter programmes, not just mess with the numbers if I don’t like what they are saying.
  3. Trap Find a good bloke suitable of bf title – Male MUST have his own teeth, a job,driving license and have not served time under her majesties pleasure.
  4. Ring T-Mobile and change my contract – This doesn’t seem like a big one…but I’ve been putting it of for months, just letting the stupid network rip me off, highway
  5. Wear heels at least once a week – By spring, I should be good enough to walk without looking like I’ve got something stuffed up their.
  6. Learn to drive – Cancelled trains and busses brings out the crazy in people….me included.
  7. Start and finish the 30 EA Active challenge in 30 ACTUAL calendar days – 5th time is the charm!
  8. Book/plan a holiday to remember – fingers crossed I win the Euromillions and can go to Japan, Thailand, Australia, South Africa and the US.
  9. Drink wine like its juiceĀ  and Vodka orange like its water and regret nothing the following morning…unless it involves flashing….oh lord please let there be no flashing.

9 seems like a bit of a random number to end on… oh well, maybe I’ll be able to keep to all 9 this way! Wish my luck.

The Diet Starts Today!

I have fallen off the healthy eating wagon one too many times! This time, as WordPress as my witness, I will stick to eating healthy and doing daily exercises!

I was so thin at university. Back when a few packets of crisps, squash and afew sweets could do you for the day. Now im chomping on PizzaHut while keeping an eye on the chips and fatty burgers in the oven! Long gone are the days when size 10s were loose and my abs could be seen due to lack of belly fat.

If I actually stick to a healthy eating plan, by Christmas I’ll be able to gorge like no mans business! Here’s to stuffing my face during christmas!