Different Types of People

Through my life, I have met a range of different characters. Some I keep in contact with, while others dotting out of my life as quickly as they came in. Looking at the sort of people I have met in past years, I have found common characteristics between some of them.

The first of which, are the ‘dramaramas’. This group consists of people who love to have real life soap dramas. Their world seems to be one life altering issue after another, while they love to be the talk of the town. They are at their happiest sharing their life struggle to any available ear. DO NOT BE FOOLED into thinking all that is needed are suitable solutions and basic logic, dramaramas know what they want and its drama. However, you can be promised that there will never be a dull moment with a dramarama about. Even uttering a dramarama’s name is enough to get a good old conversation going.

Next we have the ‘non-settlers’. These are the people who change their job or relationship status more times than you change your bed sheets. While you’re getting excited about your holiday, they are planning and 6month stint around South America. While you’re planning your mothers 50th birthday party, they are looking at hostels around Thailand. The idea of settling down has yet to occur to them. You secretly start to hate yourself as your life compared to theirs is dull, boring and routine.

The average ‘Joe and Joettes’ are the ‘norms’. They don’t live the rock and roll lifestyle and won’t be seen on the front pages of any newspapers. They keep their heads down and just get on with life. Although they may feel like their lives are dull in comparison to some of these groups, they are the key to keeping any friendship group alive. There is a limit to the amount of other characters which can enter a friendship group, whereas the Joes and Joettes are always welcome.

We also have the ‘high fliers’, these folk are the people you meet and just instantly know they will be in Forbes magazine in the next 5 years. They have the entrepreneurial spirit in their blood. These people have had meeting with Prime Ministers, CEOs and trustees, so whenever they have the time to fit you into their busy busy schedule your draw drops. They may always be glued to their Blackberry, but there going places, fast. Go climb aboard or get out of their way!

‘Weirdos’ are the people you meet and try to keep happy to stop any sort of midnight murdering spree. They appear to be average Joes and Joettes at the start but you quickly spot their true identity. They come out of nowhere and can be very tiresome. ALWAYS BE NICE TO THE WEIRDOS, you never know when they are going to snap.

The ‘watchdog’ group consists of people who are into the dodgy dealings. Their house is full of things which have ‘fallen out the back of a truck’ and are able to get you anything you have ever wanted cheaper than retail. However, these trucks don’t seem to have been headed towards known brand warehouses, so instead of ‘Nike’, ‘Prada’ and ‘Sony’ the watchdog group would be able to get you ‘Mike’, ‘Prado’ and ‘Sonny’.

These are just some of the characters I have come across in my time and I know that there is more to come.